My name is Diana. Please read my short fiction & haiku. Thanks!

I’m old enough to know not to subtweet, but I still really feel like doing it. 

Best belated birthday present! I miss you, TT! <7 #allnight #iloveyou7

Best belated birthday present! I miss you, TT! <7 #allnight #iloveyou7

Guys, I’m in love with punk!scully & hipster!mulder! I didn’t even know how much I needed this in my life. <3

If you’re my friend, you should know that the only reason I’m talking to you is because I value you. I don’t care about your cool stuff. I care about you. Your personality. Your well-being. Your uniqueness. I love all of those things about you.

Sometimes I isolate myself because I’m a depressed person that goes on constant social vacations. I feel very alone almost all of the time. I know that it’s my fault that I feel like that. It’s in my own head and I’m constantly fighting my brain gremlins.

So if it sometimes feels like I’m ignoring you, speak up. I’m probably going through a bad spell. I might not be a very good friend to you during those times, but I’m trying.

I love you. Just remember that for your own bad spells.

Whenever I hang out with @heavenpdb, I take a souvenir hand photo.

Whenever I hang out with @heavenpdb, I take a souvenir hand photo.

Technically four, but to keep things less confusing #threegoodthings. #latergram

Technically four, but to keep things less confusing #threegoodthings. #latergram

Meet the blogger!

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-Name: Diana
-Nickname: Chisel
-Gender: F
-Sexuality: Guys, I don’t even know. Pansexual?
-Height: 5’ 1”ish
-Time zone: Eastern
-What time and date is it there: 9/5/2014 2:23pm
-Average hours of sleep I get each night: 10? Too many. Or too little. Sometimes 4?
-OTPs: None

The last thing I Googled was: Pansexual. hahahahaha
-First word that comes to mind: confused
-What I last said to a family member: “Should I do it?” 
-One place that makes me happy and why: Japanese markets, because they remind me of my grandma & my heritage
-How many blankets I sleep under: Just one right now, but in the winter 2 comforters. Yes, two.
-Favorite beverage: Coffee. (Bubble) Tea. Horchata. Uhhh, I’m really bad at picking favorites. I love drinks!
-The last movie I watched in the cinema: Cyber Ninja 
-Three things I can’t live without: lip balm, photos of guinea pigs & living room dance parties
-Something I plan on learning: guitar
-A piece of advice for all my followers: Procrastination doesn’t make you feel better. Just do the thing! You’ll feel so relieved once it’s actually done!
-You have to listen to this song: I Regret the Day I Tried to Steal Daniel’s Ego by The Deathray Davies
-My blog(s): Green Tea Haiku, Fake Persona and Mixtapes & Polaroids
-Tagging 10 (or so): I’m not going to tag people, because I hate doing it. So please do this if you want to and make sure to tag me in it, so I can read all about the people that read my tumblr! :)

I’m really scared of letting people down. I’m much too hard on myself. So I find myself not putting myself out there, but I’m painfully aware that I do not want to die average and boring. I don’t like the idea of being forgotten and I know that will happen anyways. I hope I can change one life with a haiku or a story or my love. I used to from stories from sadness and happiness. I used to feel so much. I find myself feeling numb. I find myself filling up with anxiety to the point where I can’t feel anything else. It’s very hard for me every single day. I’ve had to walk away from a few things. I’m very sad that I had to do so. But the sweet relief that I felt afterwards. It’s okay to say no. But figure out why you’re saying no. Sometimes you don’t even know why till months afterwards.

I’m in therapy. I talk and talk and talk. I feel like I’m figuring some things out, but I have a mess of a brain and as soon as I feel confident, I drag myself down again. It’s a constant turbulent ocean inside of this mind. I wish I could just sail easily. Maybe it’s this constant buzz that keeps me alive. 

I’m starting over every single day. I wish I could go back 10 years when I was less scared of failure and the nos. When nothing could stop me, because it felt right.

I just have to find the same force that powered me then and bring it back. Bring it back and never let it go.

My hair is way too long &amp; way too brown.

My hair is way too long & way too brown.

Forever on the train selfie

Forever on the train selfie

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