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My husband & I play video games, probably poorly, with the world’s wittiest commentary. Or the world’s worst bad jokes. Whatever! PUNS!

Sometimes our awesomely awesome friends join us!

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A storm’s a-brewin’ in the ol’ veggie salon.

I play video games with my husband and try to make amusing commentary while doing so. Come join us in the TGIFArcade!


TGIF Arcade: Let’s Play: Cooking Mama: Cook Off #10 Gnocchi & Brochettes

Before our stream tonight, watch us make food we can’t pronounce in TGIF Arcade’s Cooking Mama: Cook Off #10

Seriously, guys, even if you don’t like video games, you may enjoy watching us be totally ridiculous!

Live Stream at 7PM Eastern


Come join us at 7PM! Diana’s gonna don some space pants and we’ll take on some hordes of zombies live in OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers at twitch.tv/tgifarcade



7PM Eastern tonight! Watch us live stream Dead Space: Extraction, which was sent to us by our friend Alex! Considering how scared Diana gets just playing Minecraft, this should be amusing.


Please come watch and join us in the chat! 7pm EST!